CityCosy Strasbourg is managed by OMNIA, a SAS with a capital of 2000€, located at 14 rue des Bonnes Gens 67000 STRASBOURG, registered in the Strasbourg Trade and Companies Register under number B 845 111 186. 

Represented by its President, holder of professional cards issued by the CCI of Strasbourg, for "property management" and "transactions on buildings and business assets": CPI 6701 2019 000 040 008 

insured for its professional civil liability and its financial guarantee of a maximum amount of 110 000€ for its Management activities, by AXA France IARD, 313 Terrasses de l'Arche - 92727 NANTERRE Cedex, France.

CityCosy is a brand owned by SARL DFI Partners (7 rue réaumur 75003 Paris - Siret : 50172799400037)

L’AGENCE D’ATTRACTIVITÉ DE L’ALSACE, association located Château Kiener - 24 rue de Verdun, 68000 COLMAR, SIRET : 400 569 323 00035 granted SAS Omnia the non-exclusive right to use the ALSACE Shared Trademark on 05/11/2019.

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